Message from Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

‘If they cannot learn the way we teach; we teach the way they learn’, this quote exemplifies adroitly how each child is as unique as a snowflake and needs to be nurtured with care so that he can optimize his potential. Though it is indubitable that for the child’s holistic development it is essential that parents and the school work in tandem.

At Swiss Cottage we hone the child’s innate abilities. The focus is not only his cognitive domain, which has to do with the student’s academic abilities, but also his psychomotor and affective domains. The progression analysis of every student is maintained to ensure that the child’s emotional and social skills are age appropriate and adequate.

We strive to provide an ambience of compassion and support. This is conducive to learning and imbibing strong moral values in keeping with the ethos of the school. By the time our students graduate high school, they have been equipped with all the tools to be influential global citizens, who will do both their country and their alma mater proud.