Chairperson's Message (Mrs. Raj Dagar)

“Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.”

As Swiss Cottage School completes another year, I am filled with pride and happiness, and express my gratitude to God Almighty for helping us come full circle. Indeed, it has been an eventful journey since the inception of the school. Today, we may proudly say that what began as a dream has successfully made its mark in the city’s blooming education sector. Indeed, Swiss Cottage School shines brightly among all other top city schools. It is in no small part, a contribution of the able leaders, teachers and parents who work in sync to ensure the very best learning environment for the heart and soul of the school – its children.

It is very heartening, therefore, as Chairperson to see our efforts bear fruit. The unprecedented board exam results this year have cemented our position as one of the premier C.B.S.E affiliated schools of the city.