Swiss Cottage School believes in incorporating a holistic curriculum for students that give equal importance to the academics, and sports as well. Ms. Seema Bhatnagar, our respected principal believes that students can add momentous contributions to the world if they are given the holistic environment to learn. We are proud to say that our students enthusiastically participate in cricket games. Thus, observing student’s interests and their zeal towards activate participation in cricket events encourage us to work in respective directions.


Welcome Swimming has always been popular sports among our students. After observing deep interest of our students in swimming activities, our management works seamlessly with teachers to adopt a holistic team approach to meet needs of our little swimmers. We, at Swiss Cottage School always encourage all such activities that help kids to grow in a healthy way. To fledge our pupils with best of the facilities, the school has its own swimming pool on the campus where students participate in swimming sessions throughout the year, except winters. These are a few efforts that empower us to be known as the best school to conduct swimming classes for kids in Gurgaon.

Horse Ridding

Swiss Cottage School has been consistent in meeting our commitments of providing world’s best horse riding facilities to our little Cottagians. For this, we have given horse riding lessons and class an important place in our school’s curriculum. Our main aim behind this Endeavour is to uplift the status of this sport up to the next level. We eternally work towards providing ample of opportunities to our pupils so that they can learn essential riding tricks to master their skills. We, as a team aims at crafting world’s best academics environment that truly focuses on producing players of international level. We have best horse riding coach with us to train our armature in a professional way. Our mentor prepares students to represent India on an international platform.


Swiss Cottage School aims at endowing best possible opportunities to our little athlete so that they can passionately work in the directions of recognizing their real potential. In any sport, there’s always need for incorporating basic playing tricks and skills into the game to win it. Thus, our experienced mentors train their disciple to learn all those badminton tricks that help them to play well. At Swiss Cottage School, we aim at providing world’s best training to our young badminton players. We eternally focus on upgrading all such facilities in the school that help Swiss Cottage School to meet modern desires of our young badminton players.

Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis is among those royal sports conducted by the school that shares the largest audiences. Swiss Cottage School is devotedly involved in identifying young tennis players within our school campus. Ms. Seema Bhatnagar, our honorable principal aims at crafting an environment within the school where students get equal opportunities to simultaneously work on their academics and their interest. Thus, we give proper training to the lawn tennis armature at Swiss Cottage School so that they can passionately develop optimum athletic skills within themselves. We also expose our little lawn tennis players in a real-time gaming environment where they attend world’s best training sessions in beautiful settings.


Football is among those rewarding sports that always attracted our little Cottagians. It’s a kind of sport that demands players to work on their skills like speed, strength, agility, and most importantly the coordination power if they want to win their game. These benefits will not only help a student to perform well in their game but also encourage them to do wonder in their academics. That’s the reason why Swiss Cottage School has given Football classes a strong place in the academic curriculum. We perennially arouse young players to play with full enthusiasm and sportsmen ship. Our entire group at Swiss Cottage School, whether it’s our mentors or management, all eternally efforts to help students in fulfilling their dreams of becoming tomorrow’s football rising star.

Sports Kabaddi

In past a few years, the sports Kabaddi has completely wiped-off its existing image of a game that’s played in the rural areas. Now, this sport gets the desired limelight after the initiation of popular leagues like Pro Kabaddi League. Like other sports, Kabaddi also attracts our little Cottagians. After observing immense popularity of this game, Swiss Cottage School has taken an initiative to highlight this indigenous sport among our young talents. We additionally propelled the games’ reputation by adding the Kabaddi as a sport in the school’s curriculum. We conduct several leagues for our little Cottagians within the school campus to promote their interest in the Sports Kabaddi.


Our little Cottagians are offered with best martial art facilities available in the world. We want our students to frame a level of confidence and self-esteem so that they can grow independently, and it’s our main aim behind adding Karate kid’s classes in our school’s curriculum. We give standard training to help them in becoming black belt holder in future. Along with this, we are also evolving our pupils to make meaningful contributions to the community with this incredible approach. Being the best Karate Kids School in Gurgaon, Swiss Cottage School continually emboldens students to participate in martial art classes so that they can master their skills and become tomorrow’s leader with world’s best sportsmanship spirit.


Swiss Cottage School is unique in adopting diverse practices that help a student to become tomorrow’s professional player. We follow structured programs to craft a dynamic curriculum for our students. Our main focus is on creating a learning environment where students can develop desired skills to make a stunning career ahead. Basketball is a popular game among our little sportsmen. Our enthusiastic sportsmen actively participate in each sport’s event relating to basketball games. Thus, we have given basketball an important place in our curriculum to improve players’ in-game skills. At Swiss Cottage School, our all endeavors mainly focus on the promotion of positive values among our little kids.


Volleyball attracts a huge class of students at Swiss Cottage School. On noticing our student’s core enthusiasm in this sport, our management has given Volleyball games a strong place in our schools’ curriculum. At Swiss Cottage School, we always motivate our pupils to take part in sports of their interest so that they can learn and grow in healthy ways. Volleyball is a group game that teaches students to work in teams and develop a team spirit that’s needed to win a game graciously. We use modern methods to arrange best volleyball games for kids. We also conduct special classes to professionally train our little volleyball players.

Dance Play

Swiss Cottage School is continuously involved in providing our students an open learning environment where they can easily focus on figuring out their core interests while pursuing their academics. For this, we give dance activities a strong place in our school’s curriculum. We also organize several dance classes, competitions, and activities in our school to help students so that they can easily discover their passion for dance, and figure out their competitive edge to excel the field. Our school provisions enable us to announce that Swiss Cottage School is doing absolute best to represent itself as the top dance play school in Gurgaon.

Music Play

Being the best music play school in Gurgaon, we are actively engaged in offering our little kids an environment where they are given the freedom to make a creative career while pursuing their academics. For this, we designed our curriculum in such a way that it keeps academics and student’s interest in extracurricular activities on the same platform. For all students having interest in dance, we conduct special dance classes and competitions to encourage them so that they can freely discover their passion for dance. Selfless efforts made by our teacher to prepare students a strong personality enable Swiss Cottage School to announce that we are doing absolute best for the welfare of our students.

Digital Classroom

In Swiss Cottage School classrooms are digital learning environments that support personalized learning through blended learning experiences and current technical tools.  Students have access to rich and wide-ranging educational content and resources, giving both teachers and students the opportunity to expand authentic teaching and learning opportunities.

Young adolescents are at the perfect age to be engaged in and excited by the interactive nature of digital course content—images, videos, podcasts, or ebook texts—and our teachers are ready and eager to adapt their curriculum and instruction to make the most of the devices’ capabilities to engage, customize, and enhance learning.


The purpose of school library is to help every member of our school community — students, staff and families — gain new knowledge, skills, and dispositions for learning and personal development that they will use throughout their lives.At Swiss Cottage we ensure Young Cottagians to become readers and eventually leaders in life.

Science Lab

By virtue of equipping with the latest and the advanced materials and supplies, Swiss Cottage school is able to contribute a lot in bringing up the next generation of scientists, engineers and doctors.

Math Lab

By virtue of equipping ourselves with the latest and the advanced materials and supplies, Swiss Cottage school is able to contribute as dedicated mathematicians and researchers. When they observe various things their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply on those theories and concepts.

Swiss Cottage School thus play a vital role in impacting students and becoming better learners.


A computer laboratory is important for Swiss Cottagians to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. The computer lab makes students interesting and enthusiastic about technology and science.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab where TECHNOLOGY HAPPENS.

In today’s’ technology-driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for the future. Teaching robotics to young students in Swiss Cottage School increases their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and more productive members of society. 

Medical Room

Reason for Medical Room @ Swiss Cottage School To provide emergency care for illness or injury while at school, to ensure that all students get appropriate referrals to health care providers, to monitor for and control the spread of communicable disease, to provide education and counseling in a variety of health and wellness topics, to serve as a medical resource in the development of policies and procedures in the school.

Activity Room

Activity room is designed keeping in mind the various needs of the plethora of activities provided by the school. We at Swiss Cottage School hone skills of the child and accelerate them to achieve their dreams. We believe that ‘Art’ is the form of any activity performed to express its inner self.