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Swiss Cottage, a progressive, co-educational Senior Secondary School in Salahpur, New Delhi, prides itself on a rich blend of academic excellence and holistic development. Affiliated to CBSE, the school is ensconced within an expansive, green landscape dotted with tall silver oaks, justifying its picturesque name. The classrooms are well-lit, spacious, and fully air-conditioned, with a student-teacher ratio of 1:25, ensuring a conducive learning environment. With fully-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, Language, and Computers, students gain hands-on experience that deepens their understanding. The school further provides extensive sports facilities, with grounds for Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Football, Lawn Tennis, and Volleyball, along with a futuristic Skating Ring and an all-weather heated swimming pool, thereby ensuring a well-rounded, enriching educational experience.

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Students Achievements & Laurels

Pragya Agarwal of grade XII, Swiss Cottage School has put yet another feather in our cap by scoring 99.57 percentile in the NEET MBBS exam.
Heartiest felicitations to the meritorious grade X & XII toppers!
May they go from strength to strength!
Our grade XII students did us proud with their superlative performance at the JEE MAIN 2023!
We are confident that our students will continue to bring laurels with their diligence and dedication!


Swiss Cottage school is pleased to announce that Manan Mittal of XII B has secured 99.808 percentile in JEE Main held in January’23.




The role of a principal is far more than just a title. It is a testament to their commitment and passion for education, nurturing an environment that fosters growth for all – students and faculty alike. Their position represents the epitome of leadership, exemplified not by words but by their actions. They embody dedication and an insatiable desire for excellence, continually inspiring everyone around them to reach for the stars. To ignite the spark of potential in each individual is a task they undertake with utmost commitment. They stand as a beacon, showing that the pursuit of excellence is an endeavor worth investing time and effort in, even in the face of countless challenges.

Receiving recognition from an esteemed organization like ‘Great Principals’ is both humbling and a significant honor. The honor signifies more than personal achievement. It validates the tireless efforts, the intense commitment, and the aspiration for quality education that a principal, along with their faculty, staff, and students, relentlessly pursue. This accolade is a testament to a shared vision of educational excellence, a mirror reflecting the collective triumph of the entire school community. Accepting this accolade is a balancing act, embodying humility and understanding the honor as a group effort’s outcome while also basking in the recognition it brings. Ultimately, it is a privilege that fuels further the pursuit of excellence and the ambition to keep pushing the boundaries of potential.

Education With Swiss Cottage School

Message From The Principal

Dear Parents & Students,
‘If they cannot learn the way we teach; we teach the way they learn’, this quote exemplifies adroitly how each child is as unique as a snowflake and needs to be nurtured with care so that he can optimize his potential. Though it is indubitable that for the child’s holistic development it is essential that parents and the school work in tandem.

Awards & Celebrations

Swiss Cottage School
August 2, 2023


Swiss Cottage School
September 20, 2022


Swiss Cottage School
September 20, 2022

Citation Ceremony

Swiss Cottage School
September 20, 2022


Swiss Cottage School
May 7, 2022

Graduation Day

Swiss Cottage School
January 20, 2022


Swiss Cottage School
January 20, 2022



Swiss Cottage School in Media




Swiss Cottage school welcomed RJ Aman to the premises!

He’s seen here with the director, Mr Arun Dagar and the principal , Ms Neena Thimmaya.

Discovering Excellence in Education at Swiss Cottage School, Gurugram When it comes to education in Gurugram, Swiss Cottage School is a name that shines brightly. As one of the leading CBSE schools in Gurugram, we take pride in offering top-notch education and holistic development opportunities. If you’re seeking nursery admission in Gurugram or searching for the best school in Palam Vihar, your quest for excellence ends here at Swiss Cottage School. CBSE Schools in Gurugram – Swiss Cottage School Leads the Way Swiss Cottage School stands tall among the CBSE schools in Gurugram, providing a conducive environment for your child’s academic journey. Our curriculum aligns seamlessly with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) standards, ensuring your child receives a comprehensive education that prepares them for academic success and beyond. Top Schools of Gurugram – Swiss Cottage School’s Stellar Reputation When you consider the top schools of Gurugram, Swiss Cottage School consistently earns its place on the list. Our dedication to excellence has cemented our reputation as one of the most sought-after educational institutions in the region. Swiss Cottage School is your trusted partner in nurturing young minds and shaping their future. Nursery Admission in Gurugram – Your Child’s First Step Towards Excellence At Swiss Cottage School, we understand the significance of nursery admission in Gurugram. It’s the initial step in your child’s educational journey, and we ensure that it’s a smooth and enriching experience. Our nurturing environment, child-friendly infrastructure, and experienced educators make Swiss Cottage School the ideal choice for your child’s early learning years. Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon – Swiss Cottage School’s Consistent Ranking In the competitive landscape of Gurgaon’s educational institutions, Swiss Cottage School maintains its position among the top 10 schools. Our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, character development, and a supportive community contribute to our prestigious standing in the city’s educational landscape.Best School in Palam Vihar – Swiss Cottage School’s Neighborhood Presence. For parents residing in Palam Vihar and its vicinity, Swiss Cottage School isn’t just the best school in Palam Vihar; it’s a trusted neighbor. Our proximity ensures that quality education is accessible to the local community, making us the natural choice for parents seeking convenience coupled with excellence.Top Schools of Gurgaon – Swiss Cottage School’s Distinctive Features What sets Swiss Cottage School apart are the diverse opportunities we offer. From top-notch sports coaching to scholarships for meritorious students and admission via the sports quota, we believe in holistic development and inclusivity.CBSE Delhi Schools in Gurgaon – Swiss Cottage School’s Academic Excellence Swiss Cottage School is proud to be counted among the prominent CBSE Delhi schools in Gurgaon. Our curriculum, designed to empower students with knowledge, skills, and values, ensures that your child receives an education recognized and respected not just in Gurugram but across the nation.Top 10 Best Schools in Gurgaon – Swiss Cottage School’s Unwavering Commitment As one of the top 10 best schools in Gurgaon, Swiss Cottage School maintains an unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience. Our reputation is built on a legacy of academic excellence, ethical values, and a nurturing community that fosters each child’s growth.CBSE Affiliated Schools Gurgaon – Swiss Cottage School’s Affiliation with Excellence Swiss Cottage School’s affiliation with CBSE ensures that we adhere to the highest educational standards, providing your child with an education that’s recognized and respected not just in Gurugram but across India.CBSE Delhi School – Swiss Cottage School’s Delhi Connection As a CBSE Delhi School located in Gurugram, Swiss Cottage School combines the best of both worlds, offering students a world-class education with a local touch. Top-Notch Sports Coaching Gurgaon – Swiss Cottage School’s Athletic Excellence We understand the importance of sports in a child’s development. Our top-notch sports coaching program nurtures young athletes, helping them excel in various disciplines. Sports instill discipline, teamwork, and a competitive spirit, qualities valuable in every aspect of life. Scholarships for Meritorious Students Gurgaon – Rewarding Excellence At Swiss Cottage School, we celebrate academic excellence with scholarships for meritorious students, ensuring that financial considerations don’t hinder access to quality education.Admission via Sports Quota Gurgaon – Inclusivity at Its Best We believe in equal opportunities. Our sports quota admission allows talented athletes to join Swiss Cottage School, ensuring their pursuit of excellence in sports is complemented by a top-notch education.Concession for Girl Child Gurgaon – Empowering the FutureWe are committed to gender equality and empowering the girl child. Our concession for girl children promotes access to quality education, irrespective of gender.In conclusion, Swiss Cottage School in Gurugram is synonymous with educational excellence. Our commitment to academic rigor, holistic development, and inclusivity sets us apart as one of the top CBSE-affiliated schools in the region. Join us on this remarkable educational journey, where excellence is not just a destination but a way of life. Your child’s future starts here at Swiss Cottage School, Gurugram.


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